Yesterday, or, “one of those days” we all have.

Yesterday was one of those days I could have easily neglected God’s presence and voice, and believe me, I did not give him all the praise he deserved. And it got me thinking, I don’t do that enough lately.

Because even in the midst of what was a textbook “bad day”, I saw my Lord provide.

When the kids were screaming and crying, I still heard him whisper “draw near to me”, and then he showed his love through those same sweet babies with snuggles, kind words from the bigs, and very encouraging text from a sister, which would become the prayer I’d need the rest of the day. 
 When the receptionist said my doctor’s appointment was actually next Wednesday and snarkly added that I was “lucky” there was a cancellation that day, I knew it was The Lord saying “I gotchu…and yes you wrote the date down right”. I needed patience, and prayer. So I texted my Groot girls (Madi and Krystal) and was encouraged and uplifted instantly. And then my very kind doctor showed his genuine excitement for my travels to Africa and got me the meds I need. Then, after locking my keys in my car (because I was overwhelming myself by trying to arrange 3 different things in my schedule that evening), I called the locksmith who had previously helped me out when this happened 2 months ago (I have a problem, and I lost my spare key) and he couldn’t be there for another 2 hours, I felt The Lord drawing me near to him again. Why not worship him by reading his Word on the bench outside of TJ Maxx? My local mechanic came to the rescue and would not let me pay him a dime. I got into my car with tears running down my face and called my mom to tell her I was coming over that evening (we were suppose to have a big family dinner). But after picking up my prescription and going to the church, the storms were already bad enough that I shouldn’t be driving to Edmond. So I sat in the basement watching the news with my adopted and church family, instead. I am so thankful for those people. The hugs, the humor, the caring hearts-I love them. There were many prayers going up in that room.

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

God is and will be exalted. Our overwhelming days and ways will not stop that. Tornados, high waters, nor tigers on the loose will stop that. We do not want to miss out on his glorious self by getting caught up in ourselves. I’ve been doing that way to much lately, and it’s not okay.

I’m thankful for grace and mercy, and a Father who never leaves his daughter stranded outside when a storm is on the way.

Please pray for those effected by the tornados last night, and pray that we don’t have anymore storms tonight! Lots of dear friends have some damage to their houses or cars, and there are big messes to clean up. I’ll be out there helping later, if you want to join.


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