Shooting for goals

I know it’s already 11 days into January, so maybe a tid late for a “new year” post, but I’m a good procrastinator and a bad goal setter-that’s an attractive combo, I know.

I’ve honestly never thought of myself as someone who sets goals. In junior high my dad made a deal with me that if I made straight A’s till I was sixteen he and mom would buy me a car. I did it. In fact I kept going after 16 and graduated as 1 of Chandler High’s 7 valedictorians for the class of 2009. Cool! This is one of the only cases I can think of when I set a clear goal to accomplish something in return for something else; a reward. I’ve had desires to go places and do things, like Wales and China, but I haven’t really ever thought of those as goals, but journeys. (Though the rewards from those times are FAR greater than any car…no offense Coug). But I digress.

College-I wanted to graduate in four years. I didn’t want to fail any classes. Done. Cool. Now what? See what I mean? I don’t think it’s bad that I am where I am; I love where I am! But I wonder, not too often though, where I’d be if set different, more defined goals. Well I can’t answer that, and I don’t need to. I trust God has plans for me. But couldn’t I be more intentional in seeing what those plans may be? Maybe so.

I’ve been helping coach the girls Upwards basketball team at church with the dad of the family I’m living with. It’s the first and second graders so A and E, his daughters, are on the team. Today was their first game and it was sooo fun to watch! And funny. Very funny. But anyway, the girls call making a basket “shooting goals”. Maybe because they played soccer, or because it’s a goal they’re shooting into? I’m not sure but it makes sense and it got me thinking about my little goalaphobia. I want to shoot for some new goals.

I’m interning at my church for our University Ministry this semester and am really excited about it. On day one, Joey (UM minister) said one of his goals for me is to know by May (end of intern) where I am going. Whether it be overseas, seminary, here in Norman, Mars..just that I would be confident in that calling and decision. I agreed completely with this. It’s awesome that we have a God who knows and loves us so personally that He will put the same desires for our lives in the hearts of friends around us, to help and encourage us. Thanks God! And thanks Joey! So there’s a big goal.

But the girl’s basketball team, they’re a lot smaller than the rest of us, so they have to have a shorter goal to shoot at. So that also gave me the idea to make some short term, or just smaller goals. Some for the fun of making goals and finding out their rewards.
Here’s a few I came up with:

Read more. Specifically, read one fiction and one non-fiction book each month, along with everyday Bible reading. I’ve already read my fiction thanks to Joey!…again!

See better films in theater. Specifically, not wasting money on something I can really wait to see when it hits redbox. I think I’ve been doing a fairly good job of this..but maybe I could spend less money in that area. This sounds like more of a resolution I think, but I’m still figuring out this goal thing?

Run in the OKC Memorial half marathon, and finish.

Just a few, but that’s more than where I started. Hey, I just accomplished the goal of setting goals. Let’s go, accountability!