New adventures: rambles from a sleepy brain and happy heart.

I am sitting in my parents living room in Jones, OK, and my grandma just said how nice it is to have seen me so much over the last several weeks. I could not agree more! I love getting to see my family more often than every few months, and I really love not having to go to Houston to do so. Oklahoma missed you guys. Kate also got to visit! She’s doing awesome things in her job and life-rocking out like always! And oh, great joy, I got to cuddle my absolutely precious and perfect baby cousin and chat with her beautiful momma! So many happy new things in the last three months!

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I will be hopping (more like sleep walking) onto a plane destined for Malawi, Africa! Well, first D.C., then South Africa, and THEN Malawi…and I won’t be back for two weeks. Say whhhhaaattt? When I bought these tickets, May 31st was about 64 and a half dreams away. Now that it’s down to one more sleep here, I’m not even sure I’ll be able to sleep! I am so excited to see my friend Michael and to visit his home for the last 10ish months. In one of his recent texts, Michael informed Brittney (my friend who is going with me to Malawi) and I that this visit will surely be “such a fun adventures”. I concur. Neither of us, nor he, felt the need to correct the grammar. He’s right. Many little adventures adding into this one big adventure of life!

Earlier this week, my mom and I took a little road trip to Waco in hopes that I would find a place to live this fall. We did! Thank you, Jesus, that we did. Less and less sleeps till that move happens. But we had a such a fun time together, a memory to cherish for sure. She hasn’t ever been to Waco, besides driving through it on the way to Houston, so we drove around a bit to show her the main places I’ll be hanging out at (i.e. Truett, Cameron Park, Commons Grounds). She liked it and is excited for me to live there! Just some more little adventures amassing into the grander adventure.

I am blessed to do life with people who LOVE adventure, but more importantly, love the Creator of adventure. Four of my closest friends are in Europe (I think Slovakia right now), two are in Peru, one is at New Life Ranch, two are off to Falls Creek for two weeks, and many more are spread out over OK for their summer dealings. Summer. Just the word sounds of adventure! All of these friends are doing Kingdom work in each country/continent/community mentioned. I am beyond proud of them, and just as much excited to see them again at the end of the summer!

But for now, we keep on adventuring!

Thank you, Jesus, for these opportunities. May we see your heart in each community, incarnate your love, and bring your kingdom. Amen.


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