Traveling light with fullness of joy.

I’m back in China! After being in Hong Kong, I completely understand why it’s not “really” China. For one, it’s open to evang. and there’s lots of it through the local churches; their money is different; everything is cleaner and a tid more expensive; they drive on the opposite side of the road; there is a larger diversity of foreigners (an Australian family asked us for directions because they thought we lived there); most people know English well; and they have DISNEYLAND! Though we were only there for 3 days it was so fun and good to experience a different kind of China. Also, Rachel’s doctor appointment went well and they say her leg is close to being fully healed! She has been doing awesome. Praise Him!


After HK, we flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to visit some friends of Rach and Steph. They’ve been there for a little over a year and a half and they have seen some great things happen in their time there. It’s so amazing to see Father’s work in different parts of the world. During our week’s time in KL we got to attend a local church where we experienced some special African worship from a group that was visiting. It wasn’t really too different from the style I partake in in the states but they moved a little more and sang a little louder. At one point we were being led to dance like what I’d compare to the mashed potato! They were fun. We also got to visit a Hindu temple. Now, I don’t know a ton about Hinduism, but they have a TON of gods and this temple was decorated with almost all of them from top to bottom. This specific temple was for Morgan who rides on a peacock, and when we questioned the man giving a tour, we didn’t really get many clear answers. It was an interesting experience and though I left with some cool pictures, I left more confused about what it is they do and why they do it. It makes absolutely no sense to me why they have so many gods but do not believe that any of them can save them from their sins and give them a life more abundantly…and not abundantly wealthy like what they pray for. Of course even if they had a god for that it would still not be Jesus, whom is the ONLY one can cleanse us and give us eternal life.
Along with the unique culture experiences, it was just refreshing to be around several strong believers close to my age who are on fire for the Gospel and their friends knowing Jesus. It’s awesome being in GZ with Rach and getting do what we do, but there is something different when it is multiple people you know working with you in a country you barely know. They walk through life and the Word together, they pray together, they are honest and open with one another, they have culture shock together, and they have FUN with each other…some even date each other, but those are relationships Jesus has shown them to be glorifying to Him 😉 These new friends were a blessing to be around.


My week and a half out of Guangzhou was adventurous, refreshing, motivating, and eye/heart-opening. There’s something about traveling and experiencing new cultures that wakes me up inside and I want to live lighter yet fuller. Physically, I don’t want to carry around heavy luggage packed with too many materialistic things that have potential to become idols and comforters and I’ll be sad if my suitcase doesn’t make it through the airport. I mean, I do have my suitcase with me and I will be bringing back some neat culture stuff and some extra clothes; but I pack what I need in my backpack carry-on; travel documents, Bible, a book, iPad, money, and maybe a change of clothes. Likewise, I do not wish to carry around spiritual baggage, or sin, that holds me back, distracts, or blinds me from being obedient to what God really wants for me to have. But I literally need everything from Him; air, food, water, shelter, and the right people in my life to help me spiritually grow up and do life with. And if you’re reading this, I am so thankful The Lord has you in my life to share this journey from Him with. And I am SO blessed to know that I have amazing people in Houston (parents and grams) and Norman and other parts of OK (you all know who you are) praying with and for me while I’m here and when I go back.

With another month and a half left here, I am ready and excited to meet students and share Jesus with them. We will be starting to help teach English next week as well as visiting other campuses to pr-walk and meet people. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we start getting busier, and ask Father to reveal to us what to spend the most of our time doing. Thank you all!


A typhoon of blessings.

"Welcome to China, Laura!"

“Welcome to China, Laura!”

I have been in China for two weeks now and the title of this post is exactly what this time has been about. For starters, it has been typhooning (not sure if that’s an actual verb) since the beginning of last week. Nothing too bad, just lots of rain and some strong gusts of wind here and there. But it has cooled this place off tremendously and for that I am thankful! However, because of this weather and the fact that school doesn’t start until Sep. 2, we haven’t been able to get out and do as much surveying as we had hoped; but Father had something else planned.

Our big ole apartments.
Our big ole apartments.

My first week here we had a friend from the city I was in last summer come and stay with us. She is so fun and outgoing…literally, she was always out and about going somewhere. We got to encourage her to seek out the believers in her home town (she is not a believer yet) to study The Word with them. One of the sisters there is eager to share more with her, so we are praying Father will call her.

Stella Stella..quite the goob.
Stella Stella..quite the goob.

Last week we had another friend I met last summer stay with us. This girl is sooo fun to be around. She is incredibly smart and sweet and will do anything to help someone out, friend or stranger. She is not a believer yet either, but her being here has challenged me to live differently than those who don’t know Christ, and to love unconditionally. I will miss her greatly when she leaves.

Sweet Ivy
Sweet Ivy
mmm chicken...
mmm chicken…

Since things have been slower for this month we have been able to bless, and be blessed by, our fellow workers and family here. We have babysat, thrown a birthday party, helped pack for a move, and just ate and had fellowship. These families are so inspiring. The children are precious and they remind me of the sweet ones I babysit back home. It’s neat to think about how the believers in Acts all took care of each other and none were in need. That is what is happening here, and just like it happened in The Word then, it will happen here; others will see our love for people and they will seek the source. When they seek with all their heart, they will find that it is Jesus.

Celebrating a lovely lady's birthday.
Celebrating a lovely lady’s birthday.
Canton Tower: Guangzhou at night is beautiful!
Canton Tower: Guangzhou at night is beautiful!
A campus we got to do some pray walking at.
A campus we got to do some pray walking at.

This week we will be going to Hong Kong for Rach’s doctor’s appointment and then we will fly to Malaysia! There we will meet with some others doing His work and get to experience some new culture. I am pumped!

Things to be lifting up please:

As school is about to start, pray for the students who are under tremendous amounts of pressure to do well, that they will not seek their identity in the ways of this world, but the One who created it.

Pray that the fields of campuses will be ready and that as we meet people our spirits will be obedient and their hearts will be prepared to hear about His love.

Pray for rest and safe travels as we leave this week and come back ready to meet new friends.

Thank you all for your prayers and support! Love you all!