Finally us.

Proud of these four for remaining rooted in their faith, and I am excited to see how God brings fruit from their journey. Love you guys!

The European Odyssey

Six months ago, everything seemed like a dream. We had only heard the accounts of others that had gone before us on a trip such as this. “Don’t spend money here…” “Never wear this…” they said. Finally, as we are now just 9 days away from leaving on this journey, our own mark has begun to show. The four of us are equally terrified about leaving what we know and those we love; yet, our friendship and unified sense of adventure — and our faith that God really does want us to do this — seems to wipe away all of our doubt. But that’s just what Jesus does in times of strife, hope finds its own apex within our despair. So, where our image of this trip once hung by a thread, it is now firm. We are confident. We are immortal. Some might say reckless — and some might…

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