Norman to Waco: the countdown to Truett is on

One month from today, I will be moving to Waco, TX. One. Month.

I have so many emotions about this right now, and I simultaneously thank and apologize to each of you who have dealt with said mixed emotions, or lack there of sometimes. I sincerely appreciate those family and friends who have been excited, supportive, and encouraging ever since they have heard of my acceptance to Truett, and also thank you to those who will even cry when I cry [a.k.a. Madi] when I think about leaving Norman and all those who are in it. We just get it; when you need to cry, you cry! Thank you Maddog.

I am all for change and growth in a person’s life. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to study at an amazing seminary, and I am excited to do life a little differently than the last few years in a new place. Truly, I am! But I am also really sad to be leaving Norman, Oklahoma. And I am learning that is okay. It is okay to let my raw and weird emotions show, because if I do not, I will not know how to process them and this new stage of life coming up. Norman has been my home for the last 6 years. In those six years I have learned how to live on my own (somewhat), 7 hours away from my parents, started college, joined and served in office in a sorority (who knew?), graduated college, traveled a little bit of the world, got my first on-staff job at a [wonderful] church, met some of the most incredible people on this planet, became friends [family] with said people, and have lived with 13 different roommates (not including the short-term roomies overseas, though I love y’all and you were amazing roomies! (but definitely including the 7 in the family in I currently live with)).

So many big things in my life have happened here in Norman, it is difficult to think about moving, and not just for two or three months for the summer like I am use to. The community and ministry opportunities God has given me here have been undeserved and abundantly filled with joy. I have been challenged, loved, and taught so well. I am trusting that through seminary, God will continue to refine these things I am learning and the gifts I have been given to glorify and honor God’s name, and to build his kingdom. I am thankful for what has been done, and I am thankful for what is to come.

P.s.- If you are reading my blog, either for the first time or you normally read my posts, thank you. I know they are nothing really important in the big scheme of things, but your interest in what God is doing in my life is encouraging. That is all this is, what I see our Creator God doing in this world. Tell me how God is working in your life!


Be Flexible

So happy to hear what my sweet sister has been learning in Peru, and so excited to see her soon!


As I sit here on the last morning of our trip (with a very long day ahead), I can’t help but recognize how the Holy Spirit has moved this week. Of course, the Holy Spirit is always moving, it’s wether or not we choose to recognize it. To be grateful for the Holy Spirit living, working, being in and all around us-despite our short comings & human errors-that’s what I’ve recognized this week.

The phrase “Be Flexible” was passed around many times before the trip & many more times during our stay here in Peru! Okay, I hear you, be flexible. Yeah, sure thing. I’m not sure if you know this about me or not but I’m always on an agenda-a timely person. I like things to go according to plan, to stay on the times we have set before us. In reality, these turned out to be a suggestion…

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