Preparing for China

“Here I am Lord, send me.” Isaiah 6:8

“…for he who before thought himself undone, and unworthy to be employed in the service of God, now having a discovery and application of pardoning grace, freely offers himself to God: this shows the true nature and effect of an application of pardon; it gives a man freedom and boldness in the presence of God, and stimulates to a ready and cheerful obedience to his will, and engages him with the utmost alacrity in his service; so far is the doctrine of free and full pardon by the blood of Christ from being a licentious doctrine” John Gill

I do not write as intellectually as Mr. Gill here (at all), and I honestly do not know much about the history of this book to write my own commentary, so this is copied and pasted from The life of Isaiah is one I would like to study more of. I mean, he went from “a man of unclean lips” to one of the most famous prophets whom God chose to speak Truth to a degenerate nation, proclaiming the coming savior of the world. God is so good at using the unworthy. Isaiah freely offered himself and cheerfully obeyed The Lord’s calling because he understood the importance and freedom of grace. This is becoming the Greater Desire of my heart.

So here I am, sitting on the comfy leather sofa of my parents home in Cypress, TX, about to hop on a few planes tomorrow and fly half-way around the world…suitcase still not packed and needed items remaining on the shelves of H.E.B (one of the best things about Texas). I have seriously been considering just taking my backpack with a few changes of clothes..but we all know that won’t be the outcome. I am a little nervous to go through the International Airport of L.A. on my own; I am worried about how janky I will smell after not getting to shower for over 20 hours of being on plane; and I am oh-so-excited to see my sweet friend waiting for me at the airport subway of Guangzhou, China!

My expectations for the next couple months overseas are not the same as last summer where I thought I would lead hundreds (maybe one or two people) to Christ, but rather I am expecting to grow closer to Him and practice deeper relationships with others; believers and non-believers alike. I am expecting to see how His Church is at work in all the world. I am expecting to see people’s lives changed and Christ’s life glorified. I am going into this with a very flexible schedule and a willing heart to see what God wants me to see.

So while the title of this post is “Preparing for China”, really I am preparing for the rest of my life. Thank you all for joining me on this journey and keeping me and my family in your prayers. Let’s go!!