S3: E13

I’m currently watching The Office (U.S.) S3: E13 – The Return, and that is exactly what it reads right now on the screen with the red loading bar not quite filled up because the internet connection to the Wii which is playing Netflix is super slow and it keeps cutting out during the show; e.g. Dwight just told Michael he would go back to Dunder Mifflin but that he would not do Michael’s laundry anymore, and then they high-fived, and then it went to the loading screen. I would be annoyed but I’ve seen it all before and I really only have the tv on for noise. Living alone is not all I thought it would be; not worse, not better, but different. Some days I love it, and other days I wish I had a roommate to watch Netflix with. It’s also weird that I can turn the volume up and not be worried about waking the kids on the other side of the wall, because there are no kids! Both sad and relieved feelings there… Pausing to update you on the show: Jim just told Karen (a.k.a. Anne from Parks and Rec) that he still has feelings for Pam! Again, I know this. But I love it.

Anyway, my life is not a sitcom. The events of the last month and a half may make it seem like a sitcom, one in which the main character moves to a new city to start seminary, drives back and forth to Norman, Oklahoma-the state which she loves more than any other at this moment, attends her best friends engagement and celebration with gusto (Episode title would be #KrystalwithaKnudsen, staring Connor and Krystal ((you two are a beautiful couple and I could not be more excited for you!!)), encounters multiple problems with her new apartment and has to learn to laugh at the annoyingness of it all, flies to Louisville, KY for a friend’s wedding and fun-fest with other friends, struggles with the facts of grad-school and life, meets new and wonderful people going through the same new things, starts a new job working with crazy (but precious, she supposes) children, suffers from severe allergies and other sicknesses associated with working around germy kiddos, acts awkward in most situations, and then writes about it all in run-on-sentence-type-format in her blog. But my life is not a sitcom. And I am not the main character.

I am not going to tell you that I am not homesick and that I haven’t cried a few (several) times about it, because I am not going to lie to you. It is okay to struggle, and I am learning to be vocal about the struggles-and thank you friends, mom and dad, and covenant group who listen to me and let me cry. Thank you thank you! But, I do not want to keep doing this-I do not want to make myself the character who only thinks of herself, and negatively at that. I want to do well in school, I want to make a difference in my work place, and I want to be a good daughter, friend, sister, minister, etc. But first, I need to be real. I need to stop thinking about the false and negative world I’ve made up in my mind, and I need to focus on the Truth. And I want to encourage others!

Y’all-whoever is reading this-I love to encourage people. I want to do that more, more than I have recently been doing. I don’t want to be hindered by what others think of me-that’s silly. So, you-you reading this-you, my friend, are loved. You are wonderful. You are not forgotten. You are not a failure. You have great potential. You are human. You are created in the image of God. You are loved. You may not be the star of a sitcom (or maybe you are, and that would mean my blog has become something of a hit! but most likely you are not a sitcom star and you know me pretty well and so that’s why you’re reading this), but you are a beloved child of living God who is seeking to show you more of himself and teach you how to loves others more.

Thank you for indulging my impulse blog post while waiting for Netflix to get it’s act together. For all the time it took for me to get my thoughts out (and zone in and out of The Office), Phyllis is now marrying Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration!


Norman to Waco: the countdown to Truett is on

One month from today, I will be moving to Waco, TX. One. Month.

I have so many emotions about this right now, and I simultaneously thank and apologize to each of you who have dealt with said mixed emotions, or lack there of sometimes. I sincerely appreciate those family and friends who have been excited, supportive, and encouraging ever since they have heard of my acceptance to Truett, and also thank you to those who will even cry when I cry [a.k.a. Madi] when I think about leaving Norman and all those who are in it. We just get it; when you need to cry, you cry! Thank you Maddog.

I am all for change and growth in a person’s life. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to study at an amazing seminary, and I am excited to do life a little differently than the last few years in a new place. Truly, I am! But I am also really sad to be leaving Norman, Oklahoma. And I am learning that is okay. It is okay to let my raw and weird emotions show, because if I do not, I will not know how to process them and this new stage of life coming up. Norman has been my home for the last 6 years. In those six years I have learned how to live on my own (somewhat), 7 hours away from my parents, started college, joined and served in office in a sorority (who knew?), graduated college, traveled a little bit of the world, got my first on-staff job at a [wonderful] church, met some of the most incredible people on this planet, became friends [family] with said people, and have lived with 13 different roommates (not including the short-term roomies overseas, though I love y’all and you were amazing roomies! (but definitely including the 7 in the family in I currently live with)).

So many big things in my life have happened here in Norman, it is difficult to think about moving, and not just for two or three months for the summer like I am use to. The community and ministry opportunities God has given me here have been undeserved and abundantly filled with joy. I have been challenged, loved, and taught so well. I am trusting that through seminary, God will continue to refine these things I am learning and the gifts I have been given to glorify and honor God’s name, and to build his kingdom. I am thankful for what has been done, and I am thankful for what is to come.

P.s.- If you are reading my blog, either for the first time or you normally read my posts, thank you. I know they are nothing really important in the big scheme of things, but your interest in what God is doing in my life is encouraging. That is all this is, what I see our Creator God doing in this world. Tell me how God is working in your life!

Be Flexible

So happy to hear what my sweet sister has been learning in Peru, and so excited to see her soon!


As I sit here on the last morning of our trip (with a very long day ahead), I can’t help but recognize how the Holy Spirit has moved this week. Of course, the Holy Spirit is always moving, it’s wether or not we choose to recognize it. To be grateful for the Holy Spirit living, working, being in and all around us-despite our short comings & human errors-that’s what I’ve recognized this week.

The phrase “Be Flexible” was passed around many times before the trip & many more times during our stay here in Peru! Okay, I hear you, be flexible. Yeah, sure thing. I’m not sure if you know this about me or not but I’m always on an agenda-a timely person. I like things to go according to plan, to stay on the times we have set before us. In reality, these turned out to be a suggestion…

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Sunrise to sunset: My time in Malawi, Africa

If you haven’t noticed from my shameless social media updates, I’ve been in Malawi, Africa for the last two weeks visiting a dear friend. Michael has been in Malawi for the last 10 months teaching at the African Bible College in Lilongwe. I’ve been wanting to visit since the moment he first told me he was moving, and I am beyond thankful that I was actually able to make it! And it’s still a bit surreal, even as I have just ran down the small terminal to catch my flight to Johannesburg. I enjoy traveling, but even more so, I love visiting places that mean so much to people who mean much to me, and to see them in that element. 

Now, if you’ll allow me to catch my breath on this plane for the next two hours and and sixteen minutes to Johannesburg, I will write a tid about my time in Malawi. 

I flew from America to Africa with another great friend, Brittney. I also love not traveling alone, and though I’m glad she did not have to run to get on the plane, I wish she could have ran with me! Brittney is a fantastic traveling buddy because she is laidback like myself, and brings a delightful sense of humor into any situation-a.k.a. we giggled A LOT, mostly at things that may not have been very funny to others, but hilarious to two sleep-deprived travelers, like going to the wrong terminal and having a man give us the same directions three times, with increasing volume. “Turn RIGHT…IMMEDIATELY !” Brittney left on Friday to make it back for work today, and I, well I just wanted to stay. 

They call Malawi the “Warm Heart of Africa”, and boy does it live up to its name! Michael was so quick to show us around to all of his favorite places to eat, and the market, and so many other places-and we were warmly greeted at each and every place with a smile and handshake. One of my favorite parts of this trip was getting to meet Michael’s students and watch the seniors graduate. They are beautiful people, with beautiful stories, and now they are trained in God’s Word and other education to make a difference in this world with their stories. Each of them accepted us as friends, not just of Michael, but friends of their own. There is quite an impressive community at the African Bible College. I will miss them.  

Now I tell you about another favorite part of the trip. Last Sunday, the three of us drove to Nkata Bay, where we stayed for two nights at a little resort called Mayoka Village, which is really a little bit of paradise. I have never been to a clear, fresh water lake until then, and now that’s all I want!

As most of you know, I am NOT a morning person. But because the lake was so beautiful, and the mountains of Mozambique were right across the lake where the sun would come up in Malawi, and because of some still slight jetlag on Brittney and my part, the three of us woke up at 5:30 on our last morning to watch the sun rise. It was a chilly morning, with a breeze that made our arm hair stand up, but it was worth it. We paddled out on a canoe (though Michael really did most of the paddling) and we watched silently as the sun rose up over the dark, hazey mountains, into the clouds, and over the reflecting water.   


No sound other than the water hitting the boat and maybe the slight rattle of our teeth from the chilly wind. This was a beautiful moment for me.

I’ve been reading Deitrich Bonhoeffer’s “Life Together” on this trip, and though it’s taking me a bit to get through the first couple of chapters, I can’t stop thinking about it. In the first chapter, Bonhoeffer warns the Christian that we should be careful to not worship the community God has given us, but to worship God more because of the community given to us through Jesus Christ, and to live out that community through his abundant grace. In chapter two, Bonhoeffer talks about the day with others, and how we should worship together. He says “Morning does not belong to the individual, it belongs to the Church of the triune God, to the Christian family, to the brotherhood. ” This was my thought when we rose together early that morning. We may not have had songs or scripture, or really any words spoken out loud, but to witness God in creation together was fulfilling worship. I want to do more of that with the people God has blessed my life with.

We ended our little getaway with one last beach visit. And Brittney and I got to drive about 10 minutes each on the way back! Talk about exhilarating.     

Our time together these last two weeks, though nothing short of social and outgoing, was restful and refreshing. To experience new cultures, peoples, and lands is high on my list of a good time to grow and learn. And I feel as though that has happened. The two Sunday mornings I spent at CCBC, Pastor Sandress reminded us of Paul’s words to the church in Ephesus, and the calling we have on our lives as Christians; that we have a responsibility and privilege to live out a life of love, holiness, and imitating God. I witnessed that here among the believers of Malawi, and I can say that even in these short two weeks, Malawi has warmed my heart. 

And this evening I will watch the sun set over Africa from a little airplane window, with a grateful heart.

P.s. If could fly South African Airways everywhere, I would. Good people, good food, good movies, good planes. That is all. See you all soon! (a.k.a. about 36 hours!)

New adventures: rambles from a sleepy brain and happy heart.

I am sitting in my parents living room in Jones, OK, and my grandma just said how nice it is to have seen me so much over the last several weeks. I could not agree more! I love getting to see my family more often than every few months, and I really love not having to go to Houston to do so. Oklahoma missed you guys. Kate also got to visit! She’s doing awesome things in her job and life-rocking out like always! And oh, great joy, I got to cuddle my absolutely precious and perfect baby cousin and chat with her beautiful momma! So many happy new things in the last three months!

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I will be hopping (more like sleep walking) onto a plane destined for Malawi, Africa! Well, first D.C., then South Africa, and THEN Malawi…and I won’t be back for two weeks. Say whhhhaaattt? When I bought these tickets, May 31st was about 64 and a half dreams away. Now that it’s down to one more sleep here, I’m not even sure I’ll be able to sleep! I am so excited to see my friend Michael and to visit his home for the last 10ish months. In one of his recent texts, Michael informed Brittney (my friend who is going with me to Malawi) and I that this visit will surely be “such a fun adventures”. I concur. Neither of us, nor he, felt the need to correct the grammar. He’s right. Many little adventures adding into this one big adventure of life!

Earlier this week, my mom and I took a little road trip to Waco in hopes that I would find a place to live this fall. We did! Thank you, Jesus, that we did. Less and less sleeps till that move happens. But we had a such a fun time together, a memory to cherish for sure. She hasn’t ever been to Waco, besides driving through it on the way to Houston, so we drove around a bit to show her the main places I’ll be hanging out at (i.e. Truett, Cameron Park, Commons Grounds). She liked it and is excited for me to live there! Just some more little adventures amassing into the grander adventure.

I am blessed to do life with people who LOVE adventure, but more importantly, love the Creator of adventure. Four of my closest friends are in Europe (I think Slovakia right now), two are in Peru, one is at New Life Ranch, two are off to Falls Creek for two weeks, and many more are spread out over OK for their summer dealings. Summer. Just the word sounds of adventure! All of these friends are doing Kingdom work in each country/continent/community mentioned. I am beyond proud of them, and just as much excited to see them again at the end of the summer!

But for now, we keep on adventuring!

Thank you, Jesus, for these opportunities. May we see your heart in each community, incarnate your love, and bring your kingdom. Amen.

Rest Retreat 2012 to 2015; my spiritual calendar beginner and ender.

Want to hear something ironic? I like to hike and camp and get as little sleep as possibe in my hammock, surrounded by 15 to 20 other people and giant raccoons in the Wichita Mountains mountains for “rest”. But honestly, I love it so much! Joey started the Rest Retreat in 2012 to be a sort of detox from school for the university students. That was my first event with the University Ministry of FBC Norman. Every year since then, the Rest Retreat has been the mark on my calendar for something significant ending or about to happen in my life.

2012-The first year


I had just finished my junior year of college and was about to spend the whole summer in China serving in missions. My best friend Kaitlin asked me to go with her on this camping trip with her University Ministry, since she had never really been camping before and knew how much I loved it. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that she asked me, and that I went! We stayed at the Doris Campgroud, site C, in tents. I think there were only two people who slept in a hammock that year. We took a hike up Mt. Baldy to watch the sun set and have some quiet time with the One who created it. I got to reflect on all that God had been doing in my life that year, and spiritual prepare for the journey he was about to take me on overseas. It was amazing and refreshing. The second day, we took another little silent hike to the Narrows, right by a peaceful creek. This silent hike was designed to make it feel like we were hiking alone. We would send one student after another down the trail, sort of staggered so that we weren’t all bunched up together. I loved doing that! I was able to notice things on the trail that I may not have noticed with a bunch of people walking around me. I heard what I may not have heard had I been talking with those around me. It instantly became a disciple I wanted to practice more, and got to in China later that summer. Then we went rock climbing. Joey use to work for a rock climbing co. in…Colorado? Sorry, Joey, I forget! But anyway, he had two of his friends come with their climbing equipment and dog, and they helped us climb and repel. I will not forget how encouraging everyone was! I normally don’t get scared of heights, but for some reason I became a little timid at the crux of my climb and was about ready to give up. Joey and Kate did not let that happen, though. Thanks you two. For everything. We returned home that day, smelly and sleepy, but honestly so rejuvenated.

2013-The second year.


The end of my undergrad. The weekend before this retreat, I was celebrating my graduation with friends and family and again, planning to return to China to work more with one of my previous team members (shoutout to Rachel!). Needless to say, I was in need of some rest. I could not have asked for a better way to spend time with Jesus, thanking him for getting me through that last year of school. We had some really good talks over those two days spent in his beautiful nature. We kept the same schedule as the year before, only we took out the rock climbing/repelling part out. Instead, we spent more time at the creek and Narrows. Kate and I did free climb a 90 degree cliff, though! Okay, maybe not quite 90 degree, but it was pretty intense-and in chacos. That was also the first year she and I had slept in a hammock. We were really becoming quite the mountain women. Anyways, we thought this would be my last year for Rest Retreat, you know since I graduated and all, so Joey decided it would be funny to name the sunset hike the “In memory of Laura Robertson” hike. I told him no. He did it anyway. But little did we know, folks, LITTLE DID WE KNOW!

2014-The third year.


Yes, I went to Rest Retreat yet another year. Only this time, as the University Ministry Intern. When I got back from China the previous semester, I wasn’t sure what my next step would be. I had secretly prayed and hoped I could work at the church with Joey somehow, but I did not know that could really be a possibility. He asked me a week after I got back. So instead of just being an attendee of the retreat, I actually got to help plan it! And in my humble opinion, it was so fun. We had some new faces that year, and some friends who were not there from previous years. God continued to speak sweetly to my soul about what it meant to rest in him, and to spend time with him in that specific element. I truly believe he has allowed for the mountains (even the little ones of Oklahoma) to be a sanctuary of worship of him, and a place for me to meet with him. This retreat also marked a year of learning to go deeper in the community and friendships God had given me. It was not easy, and I had to learn some things about my character and life in general that I did not wish were true, but I also learned how to give that up to God and let him work through my weaknesses. And through this community and time of surrender, I felt God calling me to go to seminary.

2015-The fourth, and maybe final, year.


You may have noticed I am the only one who has showed up in all four of these pictures. I like to brag about that sometimes, but only to be silly, of course. But honestly, these pictures are a reminder to myself of how far God has brought me. This year was almost an entirely different experience for me. It was the first retreat I planned all on my own, even though I kept nearly everything the exact same. Now, being the Interim University Minister, I was the one to make sure the site-the same Doris Campground, site C-was reserved, that we had plenty of food, a way to cook that food, that we had gas in the van, everyone on board and with something to sleep in, and that there was some sort of curriculum for the students to go through. And we did. Praise God, we did! And I know that there is absolutely no way I could have done it really on my own. First of all, God. Secondly, everyone you see in these pictures. And if Chris hadn’t gone, we may have froze or starved. Who knows really, but I’m glad he was there to help tremendously. These people. Let me tell you. I love them so much. They have made this journey of student-to-intern-to-interim-ship a complete blessing! Some of them have heard all about my struggles and self-doubts, but all of them have been encouraging and pointed me to Jesus through it all. And I hope I have given back to them at least a bit of what they have given to me. This time on the sun set hike, I did not go through the devo guide we have (mainly because I wrote it and that felt weird), so I sat on Mt. Baldy and journaled, watching the sun sink into that big bowl of the mountains. I wrote a lot of thank yous, most of them belonging to Jesus for letting us be there and being the wonderful Father that he is. Who else can love so deeply? We continued the tradition of the silent hike, and saw the creek at it highest point. We returned home smelly and sleepy, just like that first year; and also like the years before, rejuvenated in the Lord.

These retreats have taught me so much about resting in the Lord, and how that can be an act of worship and service just as much as working for him. They have given me some of the most meaningful times of reflection on my college and post-undergrad experiences, and I am forever thankful I have gotten to go every year, in each capacity, with every individual who has gone as well. I do not know what next year holds for FBC Norman UM, if it will bring about another rest retreat, or if I will be a “guest” there or not, but I do know Who holds me and this community in his creative hands; my Jesus. 

Thank you Jesus. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Yesterday, or, “one of those days” we all have.

Yesterday was one of those days I could have easily neglected God’s presence and voice, and believe me, I did not give him all the praise he deserved. And it got me thinking, I don’t do that enough lately.

Because even in the midst of what was a textbook “bad day”, I saw my Lord provide.

When the kids were screaming and crying, I still heard him whisper “draw near to me”, and then he showed his love through those same sweet babies with snuggles, kind words from the bigs, and very encouraging text from a sister, which would become the prayer I’d need the rest of the day. 
 When the receptionist said my doctor’s appointment was actually next Wednesday and snarkly added that I was “lucky” there was a cancellation that day, I knew it was The Lord saying “I gotchu…and yes you wrote the date down right”. I needed patience, and prayer. So I texted my Groot girls (Madi and Krystal) and was encouraged and uplifted instantly. And then my very kind doctor showed his genuine excitement for my travels to Africa and got me the meds I need. Then, after locking my keys in my car (because I was overwhelming myself by trying to arrange 3 different things in my schedule that evening), I called the locksmith who had previously helped me out when this happened 2 months ago (I have a problem, and I lost my spare key) and he couldn’t be there for another 2 hours, I felt The Lord drawing me near to him again. Why not worship him by reading his Word on the bench outside of TJ Maxx? My local mechanic came to the rescue and would not let me pay him a dime. I got into my car with tears running down my face and called my mom to tell her I was coming over that evening (we were suppose to have a big family dinner). But after picking up my prescription and going to the church, the storms were already bad enough that I shouldn’t be driving to Edmond. So I sat in the basement watching the news with my adopted and church family, instead. I am so thankful for those people. The hugs, the humor, the caring hearts-I love them. There were many prayers going up in that room.

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

God is and will be exalted. Our overwhelming days and ways will not stop that. Tornados, high waters, nor tigers on the loose will stop that. We do not want to miss out on his glorious self by getting caught up in ourselves. I’ve been doing that way to much lately, and it’s not okay.

I’m thankful for grace and mercy, and a Father who never leaves his daughter stranded outside when a storm is on the way.

Please pray for those effected by the tornados last night, and pray that we don’t have anymore storms tonight! Lots of dear friends have some damage to their houses or cars, and there are big messes to clean up. I’ll be out there helping later, if you want to join.

Finally us.

Proud of these four for remaining rooted in their faith, and I am excited to see how God brings fruit from their journey. Love you guys!

The European Odyssey

Six months ago, everything seemed like a dream. We had only heard the accounts of others that had gone before us on a trip such as this. “Don’t spend money here…” “Never wear this…” they said. Finally, as we are now just 9 days away from leaving on this journey, our own mark has begun to show. The four of us are equally terrified about leaving what we know and those we love; yet, our friendship and unified sense of adventure — and our faith that God really does want us to do this — seems to wipe away all of our doubt. But that’s just what Jesus does in times of strife, hope finds its own apex within our despair. So, where our image of this trip once hung by a thread, it is now firm. We are confident. We are immortal. Some might say reckless — and some might…

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Living in Easter

I am so glad we do not live in Maundy Thursday or Good Friday.

I could be more descriptive here about the Holy Week activities I participated in last week, but I will give an overall view of my week, and the week before Christ’s resurrection.

[Palm] Sunday we looked at Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, riding on a donkey, walking on palm branches and coats which the people shouting for his praise laid on the road before Him. [Spy] Wednesday night, Kirk led the University Ministry through a lectio divina (Divine Reading) of John 13 and we discussed the betrayal of Judas and the confusion of the other disciples. On [Maundy] Thursday I went to FBC’s Tenebrae service where we sat silently while the deacons, choir, and readers led us though communion, betrayal of the rest of the disciples, and Jesus’ death. On [Good] Friday, we sat around a cross together as a church and discussed the feelings the disciples must have felt as they had just watched their friend, teacher, brother, and King die. They did not understand what sacrifice had to be made, though He had tried to explain before. But they were just like us, humans with emotions and imperfect minds-only they did not have the rest of the story like we do. Here I was brought to tears, and moved in a way I have never been before to think about that first gathering of Jesus’ followers after he died. What were they suppose to do now? Where were they to go? The fear and confusion were imminent.

Having, myself, been in a country where we had to hide the fact that our Sunday morning gatherings were really times of worship and reading scripture, I appreciated when Brother Wade brought up The Secret Churches everywhere in the world and had us talk in our small groups about our brothers and sisters in Christ who are being persecuted for their faith. We prayed for them, and sometimes did not really know what to say, because they live out their faith so much differently than we do here. They know the risks they take when they proclaim Christ-do we?

Saturday was a day of rest while I watched two of my favorite kiddos-Finn and Paisley, and later that evening I went out with friends and ate a most yummy meal and had a most wonderful time. All the day long, though, I had the events of those last few nights on my mind. I know that Jesus rose up from the dead and walked out of that tomb the next morning, but His disciples and other followers did not. Their Saturday could not have been spent like my Saturday, or any of their previous Sabbaths. They must have been terrified, sad, maybe even angry. I’m sure they felt far away from God and found it hard to worship. But they did not know what would happen the next morning…

Finally, Sunday is here and JESUS IS RISEN! Can you imagine the surprise and shock-maybe some fear, still-when Mary and Mary found that Jesus wasn’t in the tomb but an angel who looked like lightening was there instead?! Holy moly! He showed Himself, not only to Mary and the rest of the disciples, but to many others-proving He was alive. He showed Himself at FBC this Sunday morning when we witnessed 8 baptisms of adults and children. Praise Him!

He is still showing Himself to us today! He is not living on the cross, or in the tomb, but He is living in His Word and in our hearts in which He has given us to know Him. He died once, but He rose for eternity. He took our iniquity and the wrath of God, but He no longer bares the shame. He is alive and whole! He is inviting us into His story that is still going on, for why else would He still be alive?

Living in Easter is living in the life of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. His death was the most important that ever took place, for what He did no one else could have ever done-and it had to be done-and reflecting on that has been needed. But He defeated death, so let us live!

Thank you for life, Jesus!

Another post.

Life is wild y’all. I know I don’t have to be the one to tell you this, but I’m letting you know I know it’s wild. And I feel okay about that right now! I’m diving in, I’m going deep-in over my head I want be-caught in the rush, caught in the flow-in over my head I want to go. The river’s deep, the river’s wide, the river’s water is alive; so sink or swim, I’m diving in!–I believe those are the words to a Steven Curtis Chapman song that have been playing in my head for the last few hours, and I don’t even know why or where I was reminded of it. Gotta love the 90’s.

I was reading through some of my China posts over Christmas break and it made me really miss traveling and being “adventurous”. I felt like I should have been packing American food and clothing into a backpack to take to some friends across the big pond around summertime. When I was overseas for those few months, I was on a mission and people knew about it, and so I felt like I had a reason to write about what was happening in my life. I was constantly on the lookout for things that pointed me to Christ, and hoping I was pointing others to Christ. Why don’t I do that more here, or wherever I am? I should be. I want to. I want to write about the things God has been doing in my life, and that fact that He is still working in me does bring joy!

Last year was a learning year for me. I have learned I want every year to be a learning year. I was learning what it was like to not be in school and live with 7 other people (5 of which are under the age of 8), working new jobs, and learning what it was like to be in one place for a while-for the first time in almost 5 years I was only out of Norman for about 2 consecutive weeks. Specifically, October of last year was super busy for me and the family I live with. We went on a road trip to New York and D.C.-three adults with five kids and 14+ hours in a van! Trip. For. The. Books. Y’all. I loved every bit of it, and it is easily one of THE most memorable adventures I’ve been on. Love you Mullfam!

The day after returning from that trip, I got the news that my University Minister was answering the call to serve at another church. Super hard news at the time, but it was also so refreshing and wonderful to see a family I love so dearly and look up to follow God’s direction in their life, even when it wasn’t easy-at all. So I tried my best to model after their example and answer my own call to sort of follow in Joey’s steps as UM interim at FBC Norman. Another learning curve, but thankfully I serve a gracious God and wonderful college students whom are all my friends and family. Thank you all for your love, grace, support, and encouragement-and humor! This is a group of people who truly love Jesus and His Church.

After seeing what God had for me here in Norman, I am better able to understand why I did not get the job I had hoped for in August of last year. I’m so glad God showed me how to choose joy in Jesus, and not just my circumstances (see post I Choose Joy).

In December, I learned how to turn in something way earlier than the deadline set for it-that is a big deal for me. I am excited to write that I have applied to George W. Truett Theological Seminary in Waco, TX for the fall of 2015 to work on a Masters in Divinity, with a focus in missions and world Christianity. I’ll let you know when that letter comes!

In other news, my family is moving back to Oklahoma! [I hope it’s okay that I’m publicly announcing this information, mom and dad.] They came for a visit this last weekend to look at some houses across the metro area, and here and there. I am so excited they will be closer to me and the rest of the family here in OK-no matter how long it will be for. My dad will be working overseas for a while, so I’d like to ask for prayers as he travels through these next few months and years, as well as this transition for my family.

So things keep changing, and life is always wild. Thank goodness for change though, or we would never learn new things!

For now, I am continuing to learn how to be all in wherever I am, and how to walk with others closer to Jesus. Join me!