Be Flexible

So happy to hear what my sweet sister has been learning in Peru, and so excited to see her soon!


As I sit here on the last morning of our trip (with a very long day ahead), I can’t help but recognize how the Holy Spirit has moved this week. Of course, the Holy Spirit is always moving, it’s wether or not we choose to recognize it. To be grateful for the Holy Spirit living, working, being in and all around us-despite our short comings & human errors-that’s what I’ve recognized this week.

The phrase “Be Flexible” was passed around many times before the trip & many more times during our stay here in Peru! Okay, I hear you, be flexible. Yeah, sure thing. I’m not sure if you know this about me or not but I’m always on an agenda-a timely person. I like things to go according to plan, to stay on the times we have set before us. In reality, these turned out to be a suggestion…

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