Another post.

Life is wild y’all. I know I don’t have to be the one to tell you this, but I’m letting you know I know it’s wild. And I feel okay about that right now! I’m diving in, I’m going deep-in over my head I want be-caught in the rush, caught in the flow-in over my head I want to go. The river’s deep, the river’s wide, the river’s water is alive; so sink or swim, I’m diving in!–I believe those are the words to a Steven Curtis Chapman song that have been playing in my head for the last few hours, and I don’t even know why or where I was reminded of it. Gotta love the 90’s.

I was reading through some of my China posts over Christmas break and it made me really miss traveling and being “adventurous”. I felt like I should have been packing American food and clothing into a backpack to take to some friends across the big pond around summertime. When I was overseas for those few months, I was on a mission and people knew about it, and so I felt like I had a reason to write about what was happening in my life. I was constantly on the lookout for things that pointed me to Christ, and hoping I was pointing others to Christ. Why don’t I do that more here, or wherever I am? I should be. I want to. I want to write about the things God has been doing in my life, and that fact that He is still working in me does bring joy!

Last year was a learning year for me. I have learned I want every year to be a learning year. I was learning what it was like to not be in school and live with 7 other people (5 of which are under the age of 8), working new jobs, and learning what it was like to be in one place for a while-for the first time in almost 5 years I was only out of Norman for about 2 consecutive weeks. Specifically, October of last year was super busy for me and the family I live with. We went on a road trip to New York and D.C.-three adults with five kids and 14+ hours in a van! Trip. For. The. Books. Y’all. I loved every bit of it, and it is easily one of THE most memorable adventures I’ve been on. Love you Mullfam!

The day after returning from that trip, I got the news that my University Minister was answering the call to serve at another church. Super hard news at the time, but it was also so refreshing and wonderful to see a family I love so dearly and look up to follow God’s direction in their life, even when it wasn’t easy-at all. So I tried my best to model after their example and answer my own call to sort of follow in Joey’s steps as UM interim at FBC Norman. Another learning curve, but thankfully I serve a gracious God and wonderful college students whom are all my friends and family. Thank you all for your love, grace, support, and encouragement-and humor! This is a group of people who truly love Jesus and His Church.

After seeing what God had for me here in Norman, I am better able to understand why I did not get the job I had hoped for in August of last year. I’m so glad God showed me how to choose joy in Jesus, and not just my circumstances (see post I Choose Joy).

In December, I learned how to turn in something way earlier than the deadline set for it-that is a big deal for me. I am excited to write that I have applied to George W. Truett Theological Seminary in Waco, TX for the fall of 2015 to work on a Masters in Divinity, with a focus in missions and world Christianity. I’ll let you know when that letter comes!

In other news, my family is moving back to Oklahoma! [I hope it’s okay that I’m publicly announcing this information, mom and dad.] They came for a visit this last weekend to look at some houses across the metro area, and here and there. I am so excited they will be closer to me and the rest of the family here in OK-no matter how long it will be for. My dad will be working overseas for a while, so I’d like to ask for prayers as he travels through these next few months and years, as well as this transition for my family.

So things keep changing, and life is always wild. Thank goodness for change though, or we would never learn new things!

For now, I am continuing to learn how to be all in wherever I am, and how to walk with others closer to Jesus. Join me!


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